West Palm Beach Golf Tournaments | Ironhorse Country Club
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Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

To appeal to golfers of all ability levels, Ironhorse offers a wide variety of tournaments for golfers to enjoy.  From the more competitive annual tournaments to the more relaxed afternoon events, Ironhorse has a golf event for everyone in the family.

For the more competitive golfer, Ironhorse hosts the annual Men’s Member-Member, the Ironhorse Cup, the Men’s Member-Guest, and the Men’s Club Championship.  These events are scheduled throughout the season and have become a tradition at Ironhorse.

The Ironhorse Women’s Golf Association plays weekly tournaments beginning in November and continuing through April.  There are both an 18 hole Ladies Association and a 9 hole Ladies Association. In addition to weekly events, Ironhorse also hosts the Ladies Club Championship, the Ladies Member-Guest, and the Ironhorse Pro-Lady.

For the family that plays together, Ironhorse offers the Spikes and Spirits events once a month.  These events are 9-hole events held in a relaxed atmosphere with music, food, drinks, and fun.  Children are encouraged to participate in these family friendly events.